White lotus tarot virgo february 2020

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Fruits and Vegetables: Brussels sprouts, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, endive, kale, lettuce, watercress, kohlrabi, mushroom, turnip, sweet potato, cantaloupe, cucumber, gourds, watermelon, pumpkin, squash, seaweed, mango, banana, apple, pear.

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Flowers: Daisy, water lilies, jasmine, hyssop, morning glory, geranium, lily, lotus, white roses, opium poppy. Herbs: Peppermint, spearmint, papaya leaf, agrimony, lemon balm, parsley, verbena, chickweed. Naturally, Leo is a Fire sign ruled by the brilliant Sun. The part of the body ruled by Leo the Lion is the heart. Leo's plants are usually large and gold or orange in color, or have heart-shaped leaves or a radiating shape.

Plants that regulate blood pressure and have an uplifting effect on the spirit are most beneficial to Leo. Fruits and Vegetables: Chinese cabbage, corn, collards, mustard, Swiss chard, okra, peppers, pineapple, orange, grapefruit, olive, coconut. Flowers: Marigolds, anise hyssop, sunflower, dahlia, larkspur, aster, passion flower, heliotrope, poppy, peony, calendula, crocus.

Herbs: Borage, hawthorn, motherwort, rosemary, celandine, mint, lavender, parsley, dill, fennel, chamomile, St. John's wort, angelica, eyebright, anise, ginger, saffron. Virgo is an Earth sign ruled by the planet Mercury.

The Capricorn Effect - Part Two | Jessica Adams

Virgo is traditionally the Goddess of the Grain, and is associated with autumn. Her plants often have finely divided leaves or stems, subtle odors, or small, brightly-colored flowers. The most beneficial plants for Virgo are high in potassium and help to calm the nerves. Fruits, Vegetables and Grains: Endive, carrots, parsnips, barley, oats, rye, wheat, millet. Flowers: Narcissus, chrysanthemum, aster, violet, all brightly colored small flowers particularly blue or yellow. Herbs: Dill, fennel, blackberry leaves and root , plantain, St. John's wort, skullcap, woodbine, valerian, lavender, marjoram, licorice, parsley, fenugreek, dill.

Libra is an Air sign, and is ruled by the planet Venus. Because Venus is the planet of beauty and love, Libra's plants often have light, lovely flowers and gorgeous scents. Libra rules the kidneys and the adrenals, so her plants help to bring balance to these areas of the body. Fruits and Vegetables: Broccoli, eggplant, spinach, peas, sweet potato, artichoke, watercress, pomegranate, apricot, apple, fig, plum, grape, strawberry, olive.

Flowers: Orchid, gardenia, tea roses, tuberose, freesia, gladiolus, aster, hydrangea, daisy, nasturtium, rose, violet, primrose, pansy, columbine. Herbs: Parsley, cleavers, juniper, corn silk, uva ursi, mint, thyme, yarrow, angelica, vervain. Somebody gorgeous could sweep you off your feet in a lush way this week. You can expect success, achievement or perhaps the realisation of a goal this week. You can achieve success and obtain goals just by keeping your focus and determination.

White lotus tarot leo january 2020

You probably have lots to be triumphant about, you may have succesfully brought something to a conclusion, you could have achieved your goal that you have worked incredibly hard for. You are portraying an image of wholeness, balance, internal and external harmony. You may have reached a peak time in your life, something is likely coming to fruition and you are hopefully able to enjoy feeling successful and you are likely to have a feeling of being in the right place at the right time this week. You are likely bringing harmony to parts of yourself that were in conflict, you could be feeling more whole and complete by continuing to grow and change.

Your life is ready to open up with fresh creative capabilities, are you ready to put your ideas to the test? You could have a desire within you to grow more and express yourself in new ways, you may have untapped potential and you could be ready to make a fresh start.

If you can have enough faith in yourself to see a project through to its end, although this will require dedication and commitment from you, your vision and in your capabilities, should keep you buoyant and full of energy. Your visions are likely ready to be expressed in a new way, so go for it.

You are determined to succeed this week, but you may be having difficulty with your energy levels, this card is a BIG sig that you do have incredible strength in reserve and you can succeed! You may be feeling daunted by certain tasks that lay ahead but you are equipped to deal with this! You are so close to the finishing line of your task or goal, you may just need to make one more big effort to reach it. The trials of the past have put you in a stronger position than you realise, and this card is telling you that you have the powers of endurance to get through this.

Deep down within you, you have formidable reserve that will keep you going dear Libra, draw upon that inner fire that keeps you warm and determined to win. Stay in touch with your imaginative power this week, visualise your aim, but try to conserve your energy where you can.

Keep your mind on what lies beyond the present impasse and those reserves will come in very useful.

Yes or No Tarot Reading

You can do it! You could be experiencing the wheel of change this week, life may be beginning to look and feel very different. Are you feeling the changes around you? You could be completing one cycle and beginning another during this time. One thing we can count on in life is change and you are most likely embracing this season of change.

Moon Reports - Isis School of Metaphysical Arts

Remember that you are the architect of your fate and the universe is working with you on a subconscious level to manifest your desires. So, what are you focusing on? Be mindful that what you focus on with your imagination and emotions you quickly manifest and create. This card heralds a fresh start, you could be embarking on a new chapter in your book of your life and it is up to you determine if this will be a positive or negative experience. You are probably getting more in touch with your capacity to make choices and this will make you feel empowered.

You are likely now able to gather positive momentum if you can embrace change, you can let go of the past and move forward with grace. This week could see you probing behind the curtain of consciousness to find out more about the meaning of life too. You could have a greater desire for material security and are likely determined to succeed, you may meet someone who embodies these qualities that helps you to develop your own business acumen. You may be developing your material self-confidence and financial abilities, you could have the energy to make a big success of your abilities, you are likely prepared to climb to the top and work hard for it all too.

You will probably be learning how to use your resources effectively and take a more practical approach to achieving success. You have the capacity to attain your goals, as long as you plan and organise yourself effectively. You have the skills and capabilities to make your desires manifest, by taking a practical approach.

There may be some things that are bringing some frustration in your life, could they be fears or inhibitions? This is a good time to look honestly at yourself and realise that none of us are perfect, we are all perfectly imperfect! By owning your darkness and shadowy bits, by that I mean acknowledging the dark parts of ourselves that we deny and repress that are there, such as laziness, lust, greed or envy for instance. We are all made up of good and bad, light and dark, we need to integrate all parts of our nature to lead us to a happy and fulfilling life, so the message is, if you can accept your own human failings and mistakes, you are more likely to be more accepting of others and yourself.

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This is the time to expect new insights and release any blockages that are hindering your growth, this can help you to feel freer and allow you to develop your amazing potential. Go for it, let your wild side out. There could be some healing conversations this week, bear in mind that when we share our feelings both positive and negative ones, we create space in our heart and we also give others permission to do the same to share their feelings with us. This may be about balance in relationships of all kinds, friendships, beloved and family ones could be on your to do list for improvement and invigoration.

Friendships, family, romantic partnerships, and work partnerships may all need your loving attention. You may be quite the alchemist mixing and matching your words and approaches with different people to find what is truly right for you.

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You can have peace and wisdom in your relationships but remember you need to have peace within yourself first. Has there been some tension in your heart about wanting to get something off your chest? Perhaps this is the week to express those feelings, if you do, you may find a new sense of freedom and space in your heart, remember that communication in all forms leads to more authentic relationships and happier individuals.

When we talk and share our feelings we remove stagnation and make room for growth and expansion. Boom and bloom in the heart, I love the energy of this week for you! There is newness and freshness to be felt and experienced in your heart. Just as the goddess Aphrodite emerged from the beautiful foamy waves and sea, you too will be emerging into a new phase of life.

All Aces signify a new chapter and a deepening of a journey in the heart realm. Have you been serious about love, relationships and emotions of late? Play dear one, swim and jump let your wildness out to play.

white lotus tarot virgo february 2020 White lotus tarot virgo february 2020
white lotus tarot virgo february 2020 White lotus tarot virgo february 2020
white lotus tarot virgo february 2020 White lotus tarot virgo february 2020
white lotus tarot virgo february 2020 White lotus tarot virgo february 2020
white lotus tarot virgo february 2020 White lotus tarot virgo february 2020
white lotus tarot virgo february 2020 White lotus tarot virgo february 2020
white lotus tarot virgo february 2020 White lotus tarot virgo february 2020
white lotus tarot virgo february 2020 White lotus tarot virgo february 2020

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