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Love Horoscope Love Horoscope for Aquarius Horoscope Aquarius Jan 22 - Feb Aries Horoscope Aries 21 Mar - 20 Apr. Capricorn Horoscope Capricorn 22 dec - 21 Jan. Scorpio Horoscope Scorpio 23 oct - 21 nov. Leo Horoscope Leo 23 jul - 22 Aug. Libra Horoscope Libra 23 sep - 22 oct. Pisces Horoscope Pisces 22 feb - 20 mar. Sagitarius Horoscope Sagitarius 22 nov - 21 dec.

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Taurus Horoscope Taurus 21 Apr - 21 May. Virgo Horoscope Virgo 23 Aug - 22 Sep. What does will bring for you in terms of love and romance? Saturn is a great influence in terms of the astrological fate of all signs in the coming year. His influence on House VII for all signs will be decisive Saturn is a star that favors reflection and moves us to act rather than by the heart, guided by the mind. Saturn, concerning love, makes us cautious, aware of what we give and above all what we receive.

It makes us to a certain extent selfish because it moves us to see for us rather than for love. Saturn maintains relentless logic, so to love another person we must first love ourselves. However, this year Saturn makes a retrograde transit in Sagittarius and this can make things more complex and interesting for all of us. So, in matters of the heart, the influence of Sagittarius is Just opposite of Saturn: Sagittarius does not turn into hunters, who go for love rather than wait for him.

It insufflates us with an act of unmeasured courage.

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At the same time, it makes us sure of ourselves at the point of the reckless. Under his influence, we try to attract and seduce. What can we expect from this double influence, from such opposite signs? Some signs will be attracted by Saturn and others by Sagittarius. It will be a difficult year for love because of an extreme degree. Are we ready for it? That's the question that counts in Present and future in the couple Tarot roll of the future and present as a couple. Comparte Tarotamor.

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Compatibility of signs in Love. Sign of your partner Your Sign See Result. But as much as the Water-bearer prizes individuality, this sign is also intently aware of humanity as a whole, and champions the rights of all people. See all the ways you can embrace this powerful transit here:.

Aquarius is the humanitarian of the zodiac, greatly concerned with the lives and situations of others. Instead of looking at others as a faceless mass, look at the unique qualities of everyone around you, and realize that each person has something to contribute to the world. Book club.

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As the sign of groups and friendships, Aquarius loves to get together with like-minded souls and exchange new ideas. Joining any group or organization will help expand your community, your mind, and your social circle. Hair dye.

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Unique and rebellious, Aquarius is all about expressing their originality. Fun hair colors, extensions, or a new edgy style can help you embrace your individuality and make you stand out among the crowds during Aquarius season. Being a smarty pants! As a sign of the mind, Aquarians can acquire so much knowledge that they come across as know-it-alls. Everyone is full of brilliant ideas and opinions while the Sun is in Aquarius, so be sure to listen to others, too!

Making new friends. Aquarians are very social and tend to belong on teams and in groups where they can enjoy spending time with people who like what they like.

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Take advantage of the Aquarian energy to enlarge your social circle! Eccentric and opinionated, your presence is impossible to ignore! You are an innovative soul who is always searching for ways to improve yourself and the community around you.

tarot libra 2020 amor Tarot libra 2020 amor
tarot libra 2020 amor Tarot libra 2020 amor
tarot libra 2020 amor Tarot libra 2020 amor
tarot libra 2020 amor Tarot libra 2020 amor
tarot libra 2020 amor Tarot libra 2020 amor

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