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MikeThailand August 9th ,Leo Dragon.. Self education all the time,spriritual truthful and honesty wise. Winni So accurate!! Sound like you are talking about me lol.. Leo Wood Dragon Well said. This article is remarkably spot on with my personality. Jah Hey guys gold dragon Leo here I'm from NZ.. Nice to see all of u r tappin into the astrological aspect.. Here's some cool news.. Dragons translate to ares God of war n Leo's monkey.. Also I'm a pieces moon..

Love you guys. It is all about me. Four pages of comments and this is most I have seen. Aren't we the best?!


The summer of love with the popularity of Dragon babies does pop out tons of people in this sign. I do sometimes lack sensitivity to how my actions and words can affect others. Anyone who humiliates me in front of others will feel my wrath - manipulative and petty - I have no bounds and will put them in their place with a rage of jabs in jokes poking at them at their expense. Even though friends are protective of me, if they humiliate me or others, I will be overly annoying about it.

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Very sore loser. I give advice even though it was never asked for and those advice will usually work against them. The Leo Dragon described here with an upbeat positive view would be correct if not overshadowed with my moon in Scorpio which is mostly moody. I do have very quick temper and will speak in harsh tones if something does not go my way. I am shy and almost child-like and very sensitive.

People have to walk on egg shells treating me with kid gloves to interact with me. I tend to be affected by other people's opinions and lash out at the poor person being talked about without any objective view of my own. I need to look at them from my experience and not how others perceive them. My gigantic ego will someday be my downfall. I do believe I am always right.

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I tend to rub people's faults in their place because I believe they deserve it even though it is not very professional - yes vindictive. So many of us, we can control the people in this world and we do. Keep dominating everything. Sandy I dated a guy just like you. OMG it was awful. The outburst, the rage always having to be right. Brief moments of fun but not sustainable for long. Ugh I hope we not vindictive or wrathful. I would like to think we are generous and kind, those who wrong us may simply be numbed with more kindness.

What is the point of all the vindictiveness when it just creates less compassion.

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Treat our less than friends with kindness and hope that something inside changes so that there is more kindness and warmth in this world. And I have to say that our descriptive personality actually put into words for all to see is pretty much an ego stroke. But don't misunderstand.

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We are the nurturers, the protectors, the ones others come to for guidance. We are the ones that others look up to. It is a blessing to be of this particular dual nature. But it comes with a price. Make no mistake. Just look at our animalistic nature, our ruling elements.

We can be magnificent. But our power comes from others and our influence and interaction with them. A lion is nothing without his pride. A dragon is nothing without someone to share his wisdom. Emperor Dragon I'm the strongest Dragon who is alive. I'm a fire upon fire leo Dragon. I love to watch it burn. All of it.

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I have battles with dark things every night. Soon The rest of world will know why I am King I am the Fire. I am a god who walks among mortals and is not afraid of demons. I look for them. As such I would like to say; get over yourself. Leo's and Dragon have always been out for the better good of our 'prides', i.

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We always put other's first. As a Fire Leo and a Fire Dragon you will come to understand that bullying will only bring you misery! Sherri 64 model still 4'10 above. Leo Queen. Francisco Just the way I am a Leo dragon I am a leader of my group I take my time to do everything and I don't overspend.

Leone Dragone I saw a bit of hate towards the top of this page, and i believe that it is simply because whomever typed it was simply not comfortable with themselves so they need to reflect that poor self image outward unto others in hopes to mutualize that feeling. However this is clearly not the place to do so, leo dragons are extremely strong willed and intellegent, ie; we can see straight through the aggravated front, and directly into the weak, sad innards of the haters.

Zo I do agree, a Leo dragon is special. Mostly due to the fact that the negative trates of both are cancelled out by the other "As kingfishers catch fire dragons draw flame" the sun feeds us we draw flame from it yet we need heat from others to servive and then not use our talents to burn but light up lives never to project it with force.

I feel like a queen and feel like I should be treated as so. I find the only main issue I have is I'm overly compassionate but equally wrathful when it comes to those who cross lines that should not be crossed. Joanna I am ! Giulliano We have the same birthday God bless!!!! Lead in spirit and prosper. Mathew I'm a man and am exactly like this. So bizarre. Hahaha Liars w no conscience, weak willed, and needy. Andy Leo Dragon here. Was weak willed, whiny, controlling and needy because lacked confidence. I misjudged someone who did not deserve my condescending treatment. Did not realize their background and was vindictive against them and made light of a situation that should not have been made light of.

I can only hope they can forgive me and be the wonderful person they truly are inside. Ummhahano Just a reflection of yourself. I have no control.

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